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The Ongoing Housing Supply Glut

One of the major concerns of policymakers and central bankers across the world today is the housing supply glut in Singapore. Currently, there are not enough units being built and sold in the market. With prices of houses continuing to rise, the demand for housing has only increased and there is a lack of supply. […]

Luxury Homes Bloom Amid Ultra-Rich Foreign Buyers

It’s a well-known fact that luxury properties are thriving amidst renewed vigour from ultra-rich foreign buyers. As such, the luxury real estate market is quickly gaining a new lease on life and more consumers are making it a priority to have a piece of the action. The U.S. real estate market is experiencing an unprecedented […]

Understanding Property Outlook 2020

Property Outlook 2020 is slated to come out soon. It is supposed to be the most comprehensive report ever published on residential and commercial property. If you don’t believe it, simply walk down any street in the world, and you’ll see the impact of Property Outlook 2020. The report is being written by professionals who […]

The Downsides in the Singapore Property Market

If you are considering selling your Singapore property for a large sum of money, you should consider the risks in the property market before selling it. With so many real estate agencies in Singapore, choosing the right one can be a challenging process. One way to find the right real estate agents is to go […]

My Neighbour Used to Think Three-Room Flats Are Low Class

My neighbour used to think three-room flats are low class. She would always accuse me of having three bedrooms; if I had four then she didn’t need a four-bedroom house in Essex! Neighbours sometimes think like this because they see only a shared kitchen and bathroom. This is not true in most cases but it […]