My Neighbour Used to Think Three-Room Flats Are Low Class

My neighbour used to think three-room flats are low class. She would always accuse me of having three bedrooms; if I had four then she didn’t need a four-bedroom house in Essex!

Neighbours sometimes think like this because they see only a shared kitchen and bathroom. This is not true in most cases but it can be if you only have one full bath.

If you can see your partner’s bathroom or conservatory, then you should see that they also have certain characteristics. These are probably all common to both couples. But as with a house, there are some differences.

Most kitchens are not large enough for four people to sit around the table. This is not an option in a three-bedroom flat. Many flats would consider these as ‘shared space’.

A four-bedroom house would be the ideal situation, but a three-bedroom one is not. Only if you really have a problem with sharing a kitchen can you consider having a smaller flat?

Excellent overview of the entire district

Neighbours will be a concern

Neighbours with small children might not want to share a kitchen with two teenagers. If your partners’ bedroom is already full of sleeping children, then you might consider using one room for cooking and one for the living room.

The living room could become a spare room with the intention of transforming it into one room for the children. This is not difficult if the two bedrooms are still large enough. This could save money, but you need to consider how you would get to the spare room.

With one bedroom taken up by the children, you could have the extra room in the hall to separate the two areas. You could even build a set of stairs to separate the living room from the kitchen.

Keeping an extra room

You would then be able to keep the extra room you needed in the attic, which could easily accommodate two beds. If you wanted to keep the main room for reading, music or painting, you could just make one corner bigger than the other.

If you could fit two bedrooms together, then this would be a very good idea. It would make it easier to use the attic and would provide more space for the other rooms.

Neighbours who are now divorced are used to getting on well when there are only two rooms available. This can now happen with three bedrooms, although it may take some time before the children grow out of the idea of being alone in a flat.